Model / actress Lock down style

I  have received so many emails from across the world when will there be more castings , even clients asking me if modelling can happen yet and sometimes i have no clue what to say. I would say stay positive , focus on castings that are happening and make use of your time to practice.  […]

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Don’t worry about them

I hope you will gain the courage to follow your dreams I hope their jealously , hate and ignorance doesn’t turn your nights into heartache and screams I know it must be horrible to have so much hate and pressure  They don’t like your purpose and how you bring people together It’s a selfish and […]

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They don’t get it

They don’t get you at all do they the constant mocking , the ridiculing , the exclusion got you second guessing your greatness       Being unique shouldn’t be a curse or crime being different should empower you they shouldn’t want to dim your light , put you away and push you down , […]

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Appreciate my own ..

You are very selfish, cold & empty but it made me appreciate my own kindness , sunshine and fullness.                            You are ignorant, shallow & boring but it made me appreciate my intelligence, awareness & creativeness                […]

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it’s ok…..

it’s ok to be different it’s ok if they don’t understand it’s  ok if they don’t like you it’s ok to change your mind it’s ok to let go it’s ok be alone it’s ok to be rejected it’s ok to go your own way it’s ok to say no it’s ok to relax it’s […]

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