3 ways to stay on your game

Stay humble , passionate and curious   There will be people who will try copy you , alienate you and replace you. There is no point going around with this ego , thinking you are better than everyone else and feel like you can mistreat someone. Eventually you will mess with the wrong one , […]

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Say nice try to the haters

” Trying to be little or silence my experience so i can back down nice try “ You see me do my thing , your either intimidated , scared of the competition or just plain ignorant. I don’t take it personal because i know my experience and i know who I am. When someone questions […]

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Fitness blogging as a beginner

It’s overwhelming in the beginning but I’m learning to take baby steps. So what? if I’m wobbling & struggling my 1st or 10th time trying. It doesn’t matter if you are using  the lightest equipment. I’m learning to just go ahead and not worry about the mr know it alls and the haters. We got […]

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