Fitness made easy

Sometimes we like to over complicate things when it comes to fitness . ” i just need a quiet house” ” i just need to watch this first” ” i need to get changed first” ” i’m not a pro” ” i don’t have a work out plan “ Lets make fitness easy by doing […]

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too much

  too jealous to love you too insecure to take a risk too broken to make you happy too egoistic to be open too scared to take a chance too ignorant to see your beauty too shallow to look beyond your looks too evil to give too entitled to  meet you half way too envious […]

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They keep…

They are in the corner wondering if their bomb has breaking your work into pieces They see if their damage has caused you to slip up and break down into someone you don’t recognise  They are in the corner waiting for you to be the old codependent being who keeps running back  They created scenarios […]

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They don’t get it

They don’t get you at all do they the constant mocking , the ridiculing , the exclusion got you second guessing your greatness       Being unique shouldn’t be a curse or crime being different should empower you they shouldn’t want to dim your light , put you away and push you down , […]

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It’s working..

I noticed red flags so this self love is working I could sense in my spirit that it was a toxic and evil situation so the holy spirit is working I was disgusted by silent treatment , i didn’t blame myself i definitely know my worth I addressed the weird behaviour so i definitely know […]

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