When you are just an option to them

Don’t put them first , don’t put them on a pedestal and don’t drop everything for them. It’s not fair on you , you will feel resentful and feel cheated. Go out with your friend catch up , focus on your passions and take time out to take care of you. You are free to do what you want , you don’t need their approval , you are enough and sometimes they are envious of what you have. You can be nurturing, kind and sweet however people will be upset how whole and bubbly you are. Some will play games , go distant and check to see how you respond because they just can’t seem to understand why you are so happy. They are hot and cold leave you feeling unstable but you don’t have to fall for the back and forth. Take notes , learn how chaotic they are and let go of the expectations. Meditate , pray , journal and don’t let them  steal your joy.

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