They want to paint you as bad

Their own insecurities  

Your powerful , thoughtful and creative old soul however people have identity issues , ignorance , insecurities and shallowness so they might paint you as bitter. You bring people together to make changes and they describe you as a gang when you are a all about bringing people together for solutions and unity. They might paint as rude ,  outspoken , jealous , bitter and insecure when it’s actually confidence that make you take risks , make a sacrifice and help others.

Scared of what will come

They are afraid of how impactful you will be so they copy while they can , try make you look silly as much as possible and gaslight your concerns. No one  cared before you made a change , they liked haters , they liked rejecting you and feeling on top. The moment you made a change , had solutions and actions they had to do something.


They know your intention

They know how your journey was , they know how much you have outgrown yourself and they know you kind of found your purpose. So don’t let them get you down , make you give up and hide. Their shallowness , hidden agendas and won’t full fill them.

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