They torn her apart


They didn’t understand her so they ripped her apart instead

They don’t want her striving they want her sad in her bed

They loved her ideas , unique traits and ways however stole it and ran for it

Now she feels unseen and buried in a pit

They loved the concept , how unified and pure it was but not her

They knew she had something special and she was the cure

They are wishing it was them or someone else

The constant gossip with some of the girls

If only it was someone else then they were ready to clap

When she saw a change she knew it was a wrap

They were ready to collaborate , help and work if it was someone else

This girl seem to care more than just weave and nails

She’s weird , strange , too awkward and to herself they thought

She didn’t realize her career would be cut short

They didn’t understand how she didn’t fit their box

She has been through rejections and knocks

She didn’t want to take time or chance to find out

Too lazy to figure her out

Now she has to watch her hard work be copied

She is being a herself so she feels peace in her body

Now she can’t find anyone to accept her

But being herself is soft like fur

Now she can’t even be around company

she is still creative and making money






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