It’s ok to …

It’s ok to stick up for yourself and communicate without worrying how they will respond

it’s ok to take a break and breathe alone

It’s ok to find things to motivate and give you the extra push

It’s ok sometimes vent and let off some steam

It’s ok to want to be left alone sometimes

It’s ok to want to change your routine

It’s ok to get rid of certain things if they aren’t making you happy

It’s ok to say no to offers you don’t like

It’s ok to feel down sometimes

It’s ok to be disappointed about how some things has turned out

it’s ok to have boundaries and standards

It’s ok to be different and want different things

It’s ok to make mistakes

it’s ok to not getting things right the first time

It’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes

it’s ok to take risks

It’s ok to try something you wouldn’t normally do

it’s ok to be hopeful

It’s ok to try new ways to gain success

It’s ok if no one understands your dream

It’s ok to fail

It’s ok if no one can relate to your life

It’s ok if they don’t approve

It’s ok if they reject you

It’s ok If they ridicule your brand

It’s ok if you decide to change your direction

It’s ok to get bored

It’s ok to be yourself




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