What comes with being different

Not fitting in 

It’s nice to relate , nice to feel included and  vibe with someone. If you don’t it can feel alienating , awkward and quite lonely. What helps to embrace this is to explore on what you really love , your personality type and your values. I am a Twin , christian , INFJ ( rare personality) INFP i know myself and why i’m different if you discover your reason things will start to make sense.


Being misunderstood 


Because the communication , bond or personality clash it can make people not understand. They might not understand your brand , why you do certain things , why you seem too laid back and keep to yourself. They might assume your stuck up , unfriendly or rude if you are not talkative. You think differently , have different views and don’t fit their box.



They might want to be unique like you and hate you for it. They have a hard time being different , they feel intimidated and resentful. They wish they had the qualities to be different and make clever ideas however they don’t so they take it out on you.


Doing it alone   


Sometimes you feel like your alone and people can’t seem to understand you. You feel like no one relate so you don’t bother saying anything. You have to make your dreams come true even if no one understands it.



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