Embrace the growth

There will be people who will resent you for it , but step into it anyway

They really thought they had you already figured out in their mind and you shocked them

You inspire them , they want to copy you and ridicule you

They are insecure , envious and confused because they don’t know who they are

They wonder and try to figure you out however can’t seem to.

You adore peace , growth and knowledge something they lack

They are selfish , shallow , ignorant and immature so just keep a distance

They play games , lie , create chaos because you they don’t have your quality traits

You can adapt , grow and heal

They are stuck , miserable and can’t seem to get over the past

They are bitter , every single thing triggers them and can’t think straight

They can’t seem to find the positive in any single thing

When someone is immature , childish , envious and miserable just keep a distance.

leave them to God and go back to doing you.a nature



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