It will be ok

Sometimes you have to let someone be

no fighting , no debates and complaints

Let them grow on their own , you can’t force them to change

It’s a win win situation you grow , heal and move on either way you will be OK

If they are still toxic , immature and reckless after years at least you wasn’t holding on

At least you didn’t waste your youth waiting for them to change

Go and find yourself , create yourself , find your likes and dislikes

Think about what you won’t accept and tolerate next time

Create a fresh new start and realize you have more time for yourself

You made the right decision , they were not going to change

You  did your best to make it right , you reached your chances and limits

Put your energy into more rewarding tasks , use your time wisely

let them be bitter , they didn’t even try to see your point of view

they didn’t even lift a finger to even help you

it was selfish motives all along and they are just upset for being caught

They knew what they were doing but hoped you would just tolerate it

They didn’t want you to get your power back

they didn’t want to be held accountable for the crap they put you through


a nature



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