When giving your all backfires


Look back and reflect 


Did you have enough time for yourself , did you have limits or you let them walk over you. Sometimes we need to look back instead of being resentful and bitter. Maybe you need to talk to someone for only 3 hours , or limit the amount of time they talk negative or just have some time for yourself. If you look back you will realize you done too much , you coached them 24/7 , give advice and didn’t even realize your neglecting your well being.


What about you?


Do people care about you the way you do about them? , Do you know when to leave or keep quiet. You need to think about your needs , what keeps you grounded and happy?. Sometimes we think we are stuck and down when sometimes it’s the people taking our energy.


You are only human


You need to start recommending prayer to God , counselling and self help strategies. Everyone has a choice and we cannot force people to change. You would be shock to realize that some of them are just toxic , attention seeking and just stubborn. Some people are so stubborn and rude don’t take it personal. You do not need to feel guilty into helping someone , you don’t own them and when you do help it is because you love them.


We are individuals


You are whole by yourself and unique. You can’t control everything and it’s OK. Don’t ever stress over things you cannot control , it’s a waste of time and energy. Just have faith in God , be confident and be grateful.




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