Weak man meets confident woman

  • The man has been sneaking on her Facebook , looking at her accomplishments and trying to find negative things to pick apart. So he scans , stalk and he is envious. It’s like he is in competition mode , he wants what she has and is so eager to be better. He sees her as a threat , opportunity and enemy all at the same time. She sees her confidence , beautiful personality and character but can’t seem to see ugly traits. He now feels numb , intimidated and resentful. He regrets even meeting her because he was intrigued but didn’t expect to be amazing in person as well. Confident woman have many obstacles and one of them is weak men. Weak men hardly have purpose , know how to lead , be masculine and compliment. Weak men are laid back for bad reasons , they are weak , scared , bored and lazy. So next time you think you should of toned down or hide your accomplishments maybe you need to think if the man is weak or strong.

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