How to deal with rude messages

  • Don’t respond to them                              

They would love to get fuel from you , they say outraging things and come of so rude. They don’t deserve a response , get rid of them , block them and be happy you seen their behaviour sooner than later. Some people are disgustingly rude , lack self awareness , class don’t stick to their level. Responding to them would get them a life and make them feel valid because they don’t feel validated at the moment. They feel overlooked , insecure and want to choose someone as a emotional punching bag and unfortunately it is you. Turn that pain into power , write your pain in your journal or notes or tell someone how to deal with it now you experienced this horrible thing. A lot of people seek bad attention , clout and fame because they are not interesting enough to do it naturally. They feel bad because they have to go around picking up scraps and opportunities everywhere because they don’t feel satisfied. Don’t take it personal, they attitude has nothing to do with you.

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