Don’t let the rejection and them overlooking you get you down

Ignorance is real

A Psychologist Explains Why Ignoring Your Co-Workers Can Make You More  Productive

They don’t get you so they ridicule you , under estimate you and down play your achievements because you make them feel small. Don’t ever dim your light to please anybody , don’t pretend to be someone you are not. They don’t know your story , what you been through and see your life so don’t take it personal. Ignorant people can be so draining if you let them get to you , leave them be , ignore and block.

Their Assumptions 

People who are envious make up stories , judge and hate because they feel like it makes their opinion valid. Some are low enough to make up lies and spread hate. They feel better about disliking you when they make up things in their minds. Social anxiety can make us overthink sometimes and come up with assumptions that’s OK if you find a solution. Making up lies , rejecting their work or being hateful is out of line and that doesn’t solve anything.


Stealing and copying 

Loyalty , originality and unity is rare these days. People steal ideas , stab you behind your back and copy instead of giving credit. I know it can be draining all the money , creativity and difference has gone all to waste. It hasn’t gone all to waste , you are still a creative person , you are still a trend setter and you can keep going.


Loud doesn’t equal friendly 

Everyone’s personality is different and show love in different ways. Someone loud , sassy and the social butterfly can help you with your career and ruin it in a few months. A lot can change in year , be humble , be aware and not be so judgmental.



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