she is starting to notice

she is starting to notice how desperate these energy vampires are

she affirms to herself ” you are the light that’s why they try you’re  a star”

she realizes how people can jump to conclusions and be so judgmental

She knows God can heal her heart , body , soul and the mental

she realizes how people are so stubborn and don’t care about boundaries

She prays and the wicked spirits have to go and freeze

She starting to not give people the benefit of the doubt and accept the red flag

She is about her health , business , God and about her bag

she notices she needs to love herself fully and not just a little bit

She had a broken heart and soul God fixed it

she realize she cannot be a fixer

In all the ways they try to diss her

she understands how cliquey , critical and bitter the world is

Passion , soul , kindness , self awareness the narcs can’t own this

she notices that the world she was living in was her own

so when the bullies , trolls and critics call she is not picking up the phone

she notices the shade blocks , ignore and doesn’t need to argue

It will have to be the wall they argue to

she values her time , her body and mind

She realize how rare it is to be be emotionally intelligent and kind

she doesn’t care what they assume

She is all about white chocolate milkshake and vanilla perfume

she gets to be free , chill and sit back because she is being authentic

Her ways are unique and it is truly fantastic

she realizes walking away , being rejected has been the biggest blessing

they now realize it was the wrong person they was messing

she prefers being herself than to put on a act for strangers

She feels secure now because God can rescue her in dangers

she realizes keeping her standards high is keep her at peace

She meditates , prays and reads for a release

she doesn’t regret a thing because she got closer to God

A lot of people assume she would carry on only if she receives a nod

she sees every mistake as a learning opportunity

She is still a queen with dignity

she doesn’t play victim she moves better than before

She can’t control people and know some intentions aren’t pure

she knows it’s not a popularity contest

She knows God will give her rest

she doesn’t need power or validation she gets it from the holy spirit

She can’t believe how much she made it

she understands the self hate in men and can smell insecurity from a mile

She has a collection of knowledge she has the whole pile

she doesn’t take their selfishness , envy and hate personal

she knows that doesn’t decrease her value at all

she loves what she does and she is not going to beg people to join

she is about her health and her coin

she doesn’t need to be approved or told yes

She knows what she do is best

she gets on with it because she genuinely loves it

She wants to write , be healthy and stay fit

she is not trying to get everyone to like her

She doesn’t care if they think she is a loser

she is just being herself and let connections come naturally

Is she free ? totally !



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    The last piece in the puzzle is too small.
    The last piece in the puzzle is too small.

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