Who are you ? they don’t know either



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The reaction they crave doesn’t come true


Stay relaxed , calm , classy and take it all in but do not take it personal. The aggressive , the loud , ungrateful and bitterness is what they crave out of you so much. It hurts them when you do not give in to them and it crushes their scenario that goes on in their head. They are envious , small minded and insecure people. They try tear others down because they do not like themselves and if you aren’t confident you will feel like you are the problem. Take this situation as a learning experience , eye opener and a wake up call. There are many people who are like that who are covert , sly , passive aggressive and it’s time to become self aware.



Level up


work on yourself , know more about yourself and love yourself. There will be people who will try put you down in so many ways you can imagine , throwing shade , unfollowing , not following , leaving you out , giving you false promises , being a time waster , making slightly rude comments and try tear you down. If i didn’t know i was a INFJ/INFP (introvert) maybe if someone said  i’m a loner and i don’t fit in  i would probably feel bad and feel like i had a problem however i done a personality test and i realize i had a rare personality.  You might be going through a self realization and notice your personality might be different to others. Going to events your friends don’t like might be the start of your level up journey , saying no , giving yourself boundaries and learning new things. wearing certain outfits your friends don’t wear and observing instead of shouting. You might even realize you don’t even want to do the things you wanted in the beginning you just wanted to be accepted and didn’t really know who you were yet. A lot of people change their mind , realize down the road  that’s not what they desired and they feel this sense of relief.

Black And White Viola Dress | WHISTLES | Whistles



Art Class Advertising Reinvented: A Stop Motion Video Using Stills ...



adapting the new norm



Social media era , popularity of you tube , music and new interests”Youtube is for nerds” , “uk urban music is rubbish” and “being creative is silly” used to be what people thought. Now that the money is coming in all of the nerds , outcasts and awkward people have to move to the side for the popular mean people who want to make money and take their spot. There is room for all of us to win but i don’t feel a lot of them believe so. They make up lies , stories , side with people and throw people under the bus so they can win. Once you realize how sexist , toxic , racist and horrible a industry is it makes you want to run out and choose a more easier route. You begin to wonder if being ridiculed , bullied and degraded is worth the money. You start to see this mean girl high school vibe instead of actual work ethic , passion and purpose. You love what you do , you love working , you have purpose however some people just love the suck the good out of everything. You can create your own table , help others going through the same thing , turn your pain into power and the right people will come along.


How becoming a Pilates Teacher taught me Female Empowerment



Some won’t support 


You help others , try create unity and make a change but they not put in the effort back. They won’t announce about you publicly , promote your brand in their bio and page but want all the opportunities out of you. They are the ones to complain when they see you doing well but they are not. Let go of things you can’t control , be your best self and good will come back anyway.




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  • Emotional abuse
  • Bullying
  • Rejection
  • Low self esteem



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