3 ways to stay on your game

Stay humble , passionate and curious


There will be people who will try copy you , alienate you and replace you. There is no point going around with this ego , thinking you are better than everyone else and feel like you can mistreat someone. Eventually you will mess with the wrong one , you under estimate wrongly and now that person is doing way better than you ever did. Don’t let your popularity make you look down on other people , just because they came up alone doesn’t mean they are worthless and you know in yourself that you have been put on for being well known so now you are jealous that someone who is quiet , mysterious and calm is being successful you feel cheated. Don’t be shallow , ignorant and judgmental. just because someone is not like you or your friends doesn’t mean the person has bad vibes , stuck up or  self obsessed. Some people have social anxiety , introverted and shy doesn’t mean they are your hater. You need to judge character because you assume that because someone who is hardly on social media doesn’t comment on your page the second you post something is a hater and you want to cancel them.


it’s not a popularity contest


I have seen people become bitter because their friends has let them down and felt betrayed because they relied on them. You love your business idea and unfortunately not all of your friends are going to like it as much. They might prefer answering dms from other brands to work with them instead of you. It’s a harsh reality , make sure you do things for a purpose and not approval. Don’t let this make you become bitter and jealous of IG models , your friends , celebrities and past clients. Don’t place them on a pedestal , change your strategy ,   see it as a lesson and not let your ego turn your business into a mediocre one. You don’t want to try anymore you rather have people who worship you and the people who worship you probably not the best clients for you. Remove the ego and improve.


Don’t take it personal


You post a bikini pic , it get hundreds of likes and you post your business pic it gets 10. We live in shallow world , not everyone will care about your life and goals. Keep pushing , doing what you love and have purpose. If you truly love it , that can outshine the lack of likes and you will feel good. likes are great , but you don’t know what they are really thinking anyway , a lot of them think you got low self esteem , a lot of them think you have nothing else to offer and you have to have a lot of self love to not care about all that.


How Black Females Athletes Helped Me Love My Body | POPSUGAR Fitness

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