Season should not be your reason

Being popular shouldn’t be your aim , being liked by everyone shouldn’t be your aim and likes shouldn’t be your aim. You will be in shock when you realize how empty that aim and how unfulfilling it is. If you don’t have a purpose , passion or a long term goal in mind you are going to be frustrated. There are so many people that seem so popular however when it’s time for bookings and jobs no one really cares. There will be people who look at your pictures , comment and act like they are about female empowerment but won’t actually help business wise. Think about it , you do realize that people who use to be the season or token can get replaced ? why is it so important for you to stand out and be be little everyone else. There are people out there who got the popularity , likes and status then be knocked off their pedestal. That’s how some people view people as a trend , season , click bait and a moment. Do you really put your validation , image and sense of self worth in these peoples hands. we all have to make sure we are doing what we need , want and love because in a few years time your replaced. You have to think long term and still love what you do even if others don’t agree. A lot of judgmental people out there , who will assume you are insecure , narcissist or cocky just by looking at your pictures. No one really knows you personally , if you are a good girl , mean and you have to realize that. you need to think about legacy , being your authentic self and knowing when to respond. Doing what you love , helping , creating and thinking long term can help shape your mind. I see people get replaced for a younger model , painfully copy , disappear and make errors. You should crave passion ,purpose , happiness , fulfillment and season should not be your reason.


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