You thought wrong

B80B2DAF-574B-46EE-8ED3-2D4F2AFF4527Sorry to burst your bubble , sorry that your thoughts are shallow and reality didn’t match up. You see me as only body , fantasy and object. I blew it didn’t I ? , having a voice , being intelligent and being myself. You must of been in shock when you found out I had self esteem , that I’m not that desperate for likes and it blew your mind. I really didn’t mean to shock you that I had standards and boundaries. Your friend yes I cringe him out , my looks makes his stomach hurt and melanin makes him sick. That’s why your secretive , ashamed and weak. All of you have identity issues , ignorant, insecure and weak minded stay out of my way so I can find my match from God.            For coaching enquires email :    

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