3 simple things you got to watch out for when you do something about colorism , racism and sexism.

Women Empowerment | Guftagoo


The insecure or the identity issues and envious girl who is threatened by you

She is struggling to know who she is , doesn’t like her features or hair. She is greedy , believes in tokenism to the fullest so she tries to gaslight and down play your experience so she can gain more success. She tries to place herself in the same position as you and describes how we are all black or turns a blind eye on your work and copies . You witnessed colorism , sexism and it’s important to stand in your truth. Some woman don’t have good intentions for you , they know how successful you can be and make a change so they will try silence you before it happens. Representation matters you are not biracial , light skin or exotic so stand up and don’t fall the we are all black , you are not that dark speech.


The hater who wish it was them , who believes only one can win


You know some will see you do big things and question your agenda it’s normal. woman are normally bitchy towards each other and tear each other down so they are going to question you. Your full of purpose , humility , happiness and joy but from the outside you might come across as sly. A lot of people don’t really see a change because they think dark skin woman tear each other down while lighter woman and non black woman have unity , girl power and put each other on. Don’t worry about who agrees with you , the lack of support and recognition. If you are doing the right thing , being yourself and being bold the right people will come eventually.


Ignorance , hate and black listing you 

Not everyone understands what goes on behind the scenes , the rejections and the bullying so they might think your actions are pointless. Sometimes not witnessing it themselves can make someone think you are being dramatic. Before i made any changes i would be on set , go to a lot of photoshoots/video shoots and be consistent. Now i made a change , creating unity and a voice a lot of people don’t want to work with me. So before you stand for something are you prepared to be blocked , ignored and black listed from people. A lot of people will want to exploit you , use you and pit you against other woman. Female empowerment , unity , movements and solutions will rub some people the wrong way because it makes their ego shrink , they don’t want you to have voice and want to continue to silence and use you.



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