Don’t worry about them

I hope you will gain the courage to follow your dreams
I hope their jealously , hate and ignorance doesn’t turn your nights into heartache and screams
I know it must be horrible to have so much hate and pressure 
They don’t like your purpose and how you bring people together
It’s a selfish and heartless world but don’t let that drown you 
Everyday your doing the things you love and discovering the new
Learn what full fills you  and helps your passion
it can be art , hobbies or even fashion
Don’t ever take their hate personal push their energy elsewhere
Passions , dreams , soul and love will always be there
Hang on , take risks and run away , explore!
the toxic , depressing and the desperate vibes close that door 
There is a big world out there & i want you to see it 
You need to love yourself and you got to believe it  
walking away , standing up and having boundaries is tough 
However absorbing pain , sitting back and giving up is even more rough  

Black and White Body Photography


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Emotional abuse



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