Say nice try to the haters

” Trying to be little or silence my experience so i can back down nice try “

You see me do my thing , your either intimidated , scared of the competition or just plain ignorant. I don’t take it personal because i know my experience and i know who I am. When someone questions your experience never back down and give up stand firm. A lot of people see and know your potential so they quickly try tear you down before something good happens to you.



” trying to make sly comments , be passive aggressive and shady so i can second guess my gift nice try” 

People are not going to confront with straight answers and be honest that they are hater so they make shady comments instead. Look out for mean girls , haters and bullies who try make you feel your work is trash no it’s not. They wouldn’t even bother you if you didn’t have potential so just keep doing your thing.


” Trying to say that the industry is overly saturated so you can get me to quit nice try “

There is space for everyone but not everyone sees it like that. Don’t let their insecurity , hate and attitude make you want to do something else. Do the things you love and be yourself don’t dim your light because someone thinks you are stepping on your toes you are not.


” make sly remarks about my body so i can feel insecure nice try”

Every body has a type lanky , curvy , thick and shade. Ignore the negativity , use your energy on yourself and not them. When you are confident in yourself , you attract good and the haters will be where they are still stuck.


” try pretend to book me for a job so they can see me get my hopes up nice try”

I’m relieved because i don’t want to be around bad vibes and half ass people. I’m flattered that you see me as quality so you have to uplift me and throw me away. Whenever you have your time wasted , tap yourself on the back for being patient and responsive.


” try get me on job just to pick on me nice try!”


You will get bookings and go for a job then realize they are haters. You feel uncomfortable , in shock and realize that when you stand for woman men hate it. You realize creating unity and a change will make them angry. whenever you get the hate and the bad energy it shows that they are weak , insecure and ignorant.



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  • Bullying
  • Social exclusion
  • Rejection
  • Outcast
  • Emotional abuse


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