Always last

You sit there reminiscing About the past
You realize  you are always last
You are frustrated because you want to be the main character
You are sick of being the extra and supporting actor
You sit there burning , taking orders because you are stuck
You look online for any curses because it always seems your out of luck
You are their cheerleader , nanny and a yes man
never a person to pick you up and say yes you can
you look back and try figure out what spirit that was
low self esteem so young and then had self destructive thoughts what was the cause
Always in the passenger seat dealing with bumps and deadly paths
They see you as a nobody so they move your world and laugh
They don’t see you as important so they just control you
They laugh , they dream of luxuxy , status , greed when they say it’s God your like who?
Uplift tick , get your energy sucked tick , develop ptsd tick
Every good that you do it seems like in the end you get a kick
Don’t need your service anymore so i’m siding with someone else now
It seems like they say i am going to ruin your life then they take a bow
Selfishness , greed , shallowness and a overly ambitious attitude is bad
If you was humble , open minded and a team player my world would be glad
God is in control don’t confront them let God do it’s job
It’s the smile , passion and happiness satan will try to rob
 Pray on your knees and fight in spirit
confronting man will make you have a huge fit
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