You have Outgrown them

She can never compete or compare herself to you so don’t feel intimated

Don’t feel small because she has her mean girl squad and you are stuck on your own your strong as hell

She would probably crumble and give up if they excluded her and not make her apart of their world

she probably would give up by now because she never liked being that way she portrayed

But your personality  is different  & you love it and you own it

She thinks she winning but she is just a victim of sexism , tokenism and girl of the moment

You have a voice , a personality , you give back and that’s why they feel uncomfortable and don’t want you to sit with them


Being unique , different and yourself is freeing , fun and brave do more of that

we all have different bodies , beliefs , tastes and we shouldn’t made uncomfortable for it


They don’t want you near them is not your problem , don’t overthink or jump to conclusions

sometimes social anxiety loves to give us scenarios so learn to shut it down

Let go and let God , don’t compare yourself to no one you can’t just be better than you were yesterday


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