You are not going to fit everywhere

You are being your authentic self , doing your best and taking risks

You love what you do , you have great energy and your smile is bright

You feel optimistic , happy and full of passion

You know how to uplift yourself , how to pray and when to listen to affirmations

You work on your craft ,  you do your best and do your own thing

You don’t fit their box but you don’t make it bother you 

You have obstacles , things getting in the way but you don’t let it get to you

You embrace that you are a human and you embrace mistakes

You realize it’s better to make mistakes than to have regrets

You get rejected by others but that don’t stop you 

You had people steal , copy and mock you but you don’t back down

You had bullies see your success and feel envy so they try tear you down but you still go on

They see how indifferent you are and it makes them uncomfortable 

You don’t force to be like them you be yourself and if they don’t like it that’s ok with you

You love what you do and don’t wait for others to do it 

You know how envious they can be so you don’t take their hate personally 

You know they are shallow , rude , ignorant and shady

You realize they turn a blind eye to people doing major things

You realize they moan about every single little thing 

You realize some just enjoy being rude , pointing out faults and being difficult 

You realize that what you do is fun and empowering

Being yourself is fun , free and empowering you will never feel alone

If you can’t relate to all of this then you look below…

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Social exclusion

Low self esteem


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