Loving yourself is essential

Loving yourself helps you see who is using you , it opens your eyes to the haters , the ones who ridicule you , it opens your eyes to those who reject you and only see you as their energy supply. Everything will start to feel uncomfortable , you won’t be able to tolerate it anymore and it makes it quicker for you to walk away.

You can detect mistreatment early on , you can tell when you are getting exploited , you watch their actions and not just their words. You hold them accountable , you never overlook or downplay their horrible actions. You know your worth so you don’t try compete for their love because you know you deserve it regardless. 

A lot of them are going to be not only disappointed but in shock because your soul , compassion , your good energy , vulnerable , loving and caring persona makes them see weakness , makes them want to walk over you and ask for more. It won’t be enough for some because they want to steal your whole light and put it on themselves. 

You will feel numb , lost and empty if you don’t love yourself. Your energy needs to be cherished and you are supposed to get it back. You don’t need to be emptied out to take part in their world , you are not supposed to struggle and be down while they take your energy. You look out them and you wonder why they feel optimistic , confident and strong not knowing they have stole it from you.

You can’t give 100% and they give 0% that’s not right. That’s not love , that’s not OK and this is a sign to fall back. use this time to realize that you need God to renew your spirit again , cry out and remove yourself from them. Heal, cry , research , create and learn acceptance. learn that you are a dreamer , optimistic and it’s ok to see the best in people. It’s time to see them for what they are , their true colours , admit that you could feel their bad energy but you overlooked it because you wanted it to work. You felt uncomfortable , you was in denial , you were scared to be alone but it’s better to be at peace alone than deal with drama with company.

There will be a time when you feel like yourself again and that is  not a sign you should go back , it’s a sign they were the problem and you need to put that love elsewhere.

For coaching bookings and other inquiries email : 

kereensabrina43@hotmail.com  I cover ….

  • Social exclusion
  • Bullying
  • rejection
  • Outcasts
  • poetry
  • self improvement
  • self love & care
  • low self esteem 

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