Your story , experience and beliefs matter

There are times when you probably felt ignored , silenced or ridiculed for your opinion , experience and beliefs.

You felt like you were talked over , used , humiliated and rejected.

You were scared to take the first step , be different and embrace your uniqueness.

Scared to look silly , odd or wrong

You wasn’t physically hurt by them but their actions and comments punched your gut mentally.

Just know it’s OK to be scared to take the first step , to be different and make your voice heard.

Your experience is valid , you matter and their views of you is not your problem.

Being yourself , speaking your truth and living your purpose is a beautiful experience

you would be shocked to see who supports and helps you

Stop looking for validation by the wrong people

Be yourself and you will attract the right people God wants you to associated with


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  • emotional abuse
  • rejection
  • low self esteem
  • outcast
  • social exclusion
  • self love
  • self care
  • body image
  • colorism
  • self improvement

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