I have had enough , i’m cutting the cord

The overthinking , the neediness and the complaining is making me bored

I’m leaving you to the professionals

The way my life has been for the past years made me feel like i have dealt with criminals.

I have not be trained to handle this

Every joy that i have in my body , you turn and twist

I will not go down with you no way

My self love , boundaries , identity is here to stay

Your desperation is not going to make me go under

You glamourise your past because your present is thunder

Your emptiness i cannot fill

Your life , your goals and your choices is in your will

I need to feel myself

Being myself , being free , being alone is good for my health

I don’t have the support system to handle this

The fact that i’m still alive i know how great my God is

I need equal attention i will not be a slave

seems like the past , haters , past traumas is reflecting how you behave

You never seem to have direction

You never give yourself love and affection

a aspiring doormat and energy sucker seem to be your goal

breaking me down with your needy , people pleasing , nostalgic energy is sucking my soul

I am not a doctor or God to understand this

The ridicule , the bullying , the rejection i do not miss

I have to leave it to them and have faith

self improvement , therapy sessions you didn’t pay for all that i gave

I can’t understand it because it’s going to frustrate me

All of them love bad news because it’s me that they envy

My path is different and it’s not like everyone else

I am done with narcissistic men and mean horrible girls

If saw what was coming i would completely done things in a smart manor

I should be smart and think ahead i am a planner

Your selfish , inconsiderate and i have to remove myself now

Be helpful , kind and think of me you never seem to know how

I have to detach because your a zombie

You act like your such a good person you want to volunteer why don’t you start with me

You are not there and i don’t have the strength

you are emotionally stretching and i don’t the length

I gave you links take it from there

You are obsessed with strangers , the past but me you don’t care

You are so self absorbed so i have to turn away

you are part of the reason why i sometimes hate my day

it’s not a nice feeling walking away

i have had enough i have nothing left to say

But you left me no choice

You don’t want to make a change and have a voice

Your just a empty box trying to put me in it

suffocate me with your neediness , hate and expect me to sit

I will not get trapped by you sorry bye

Everyday you make me want to cry



Authentication now comes with a wave of your hand | TechCrunch



  •  rejection
  • social exclusion
  • bullying
  • mental health
  • poetry
  • emotional abuse




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