Simple Self care & love survival kit



Here are some simple tips on how to stay happy , relaxed and chilled in this season :


  • Routine

Having a routine reduces the anxiety , the panic and the frustration. When you know what you are going to do it helps you stay relaxed. You go to bed with less worry and more motivated to get out of bed.


  • Ideas 

Think of ideas you would like to do when your not working or shopping. It could be drawing , writing , learning a new course , cooking , cleaning and having a structure


  • Detox and boundaries 


Know when to stop looking at the news , limit your time on social media , take a break and stop looking at negative tweets from toxic people. Know when to have space and be alone so you don’t drive yourself crazy.


  • Meditation , prayer

Now is the time to fully be committed , you have time and you have a chance to be alone.

  • Scheduling 

The time you wake up you should stick to it so you can feel healthy and it’s good for your health.

  • Journal 

You can reflect on your goals , life , vent , make a gratitude list it is all up to you.

  • Exercise 

It can be any form of exercise Dance freestyle , Yoga , vixen , squats , walk and more.

  • Positive change

You should watch a motivational video on youtube instead of a negative video , you should look at inspiring things on social media instead of negativity and it could mean the way you eat as well. Drink more water , have more compassion for others and make a new goal.

  • Talk with people

no phones , no distractions just have a talk , vent , discuss ideas and realize there are no rules just be yourself.

  • Harmless fun

If watching neflix , youtube , movies and looking at funny memes is your view of harmless fun do it.

Sport equipment - Dumbbells, water and towel. Stock Photo by Nadianb

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