You want me to feel uncomfortable

You don’t approve of how i live my life and my ways. You are furious because i didn’t ask for your thoughts , you thought i needed your validation and the heads up. My life is free , peaceful and fulfilling. It annoys you how confident i am and how unique i am. It bothers you that i don’t copy others , follow their strategies and be a sheep. Being myself is how i should be but you don’t think so. I have outgrown myself , learnt to love my flaws and awkwardness. I didn’t follow the script and now you are avoiding me. My ideas , my creativity and career you don’t approve. That means i should hide in the corner , turn my dreams off and change direction. That means i should put myself on pause , just copy and dim myself down.


You think it’s better to follow the rules , be frustrated and jealous. Following someone else , please everyone else and that is what true happiness is. Being popular is your main aim , pleasing everyone is your main goal and doing what’s on trend matters the most. Beg friend , pretend to be happy , pretend to like certain things and do things others want you to do. That’s your view of success but that’s not mine.


Next time you check out what i’m doing reflect on why you think i’m a weirdo or silly for what i do. Maybe your shallow , ignorant and unhappy about being someone your not. You don’t intimidate me , you can’t disturb my plans and make me second guess. You can be petty and not follow me i will simply laugh at you. There are so many unhappy sheeps , popular loners and none of them will be me.


  • Social exclusion
  • rejection
  • Outcast
  • Empowerment
  • Self improvement
  • poetry


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