If you don’t want to be an IG model but would like to be part of the entertainment & fashion industry here are some tips (cmm blog)

Some will have mixed views about this , maybe assume it’s old fashioned , no longer works and say “it’s about cliques and followers on Instagram” however it is still good to try and this is what a lot of awkward loners like us used to use. It’s good to keep an open mind , get advice and still be adaptable.


Model mayhem 



It’s a good platform to build your portfolio , you don’t need followers , you just need patience and to be careful. It will build your confidence , some photographers offer lifestyle /influencer type pictures so it could change your mindset about Influencing. This platform is not just for models it’s for stylists , make up artists , editors and photographers. They have casting column paid and unpaid for magazine , commercials ,  music videos and more.




When your upcoming or new star now is good and welcoming to newbies. They have castings for fashion shows , TV , music videos ,editorials and more. It’s professional and it’s not cliquey at all people will admire your efforts and reliability.

Talent talks 




Whether your a pro or new this is a great platform if you don’t want to be on Instagram and feel ridiculed by cliques. They have options for film , music videos , reality TV , extra work and more.


These are the basics and simple ways of getting within the entertainment and fashion industry there are more casting websites , strategies and other platforms if you would like more guidance we have mentor ship program can help you reach your goals for inquiries email us:



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