Go easy on the assumptions

Being judgmental , shallow & ignorant can ruin opportunities for you. Not just in dating , job opportunities but the way you think. You look at someone and assume the worst. I think all of us need to give each other a chance , not all of us have the same personalities , upbringing and purposes. You don’t fit in the box and you should still be respected. Rejections, exclusion , bullying and being overlooked is painful but it doesn’t have to stop you. When you limit yourself , dim your light , get told no and get a horrible response it’s hard to carry on. When it seems like nobody wants to get to know the real you , when they aren’t curious to try bring you in and give you a chance it’s their lost not yours. You know who you are , God knows who you are and you know what you bring to the table. When you feel doubtful , when you want to stop being you and copy others just remember it’s better to be yourself and alone than be someone else and have a lot of friends. You will feel more frustrated , envious and lost when your not living your truth.  We are all here for a purpose , not to copy others and not to get shut down.


You need to change your direction and put your energy onto yourself if they keep sucking your energy out. We outgrow people , we  learn more about ourselves and we have new ideas if they don’t like it you can leave them behind. There will be cliques out there who will make you uncomfortable , overlook you , say no and not like your idea but their need for support is overrated. When you be yourself , you will get people reaching out you never would of imagined and you would think they are out of reach. Continue to dream , create and be yourself. There will be shallow people who see what you do and assume the worst. You love going church , helping out family , being at home and they look at you & assume your a stuck up mean girl , who is materialistic and a narcissist. Don’t take it personal so many hurt people out there who don’t know how to better themselves , heal and take out their frustrations on others. They envy others , bleed on others and play the victim. You don’t need validation from no one and toxic people just weigh people down.


Knowing who you , being yourself and prayers help you be stable. Embrace your journey and be grateful of how far you come. Be emotionally , mentally and physically healthy.  See rejection as a redirection and know that everything happens for a reason.


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  • Social exclusion
  • rejection
  • bullying
  • self improvement
  • self love
  • poetry

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