Twice as nice …

You thought you was a savage and played it smart

Thought you manipulated a brainless tart

Empty , bitter and full of regret as you move

Good personality , self controlled , confident i cannot approve

You look great however inside of you is ugly and filthy

I thank God the day he healed me

You saw light , self control and happiness you wanted to snatch it

I have ambition, drive, class & you couldn’t match it

You thought every move was slick

I played your whole crew that must made you tick

You don’t know how silly , scary and terrible you look

Spelling mistakes , dumb and don’t know sense go read a book

Modern times have open  my eyes

All the silly bread crumbing God has heard my cries

I laugh as i get to move myself away from the dirt

Your Bitter asking for more because i didn’t make you squirt

Your stuck and wanted to grab me with you

Face the wall i played not only one but two

Goodbye pal , continue to be bitter and drag someone else

Hopefully your height and voice don’t run off all the girls

Your empty what could you possibly give me

I feel so much better now i’m free

I’m soul food and i need my match

You seem crap at basketball your too short to catch

i don’t envy your next victim

Your heavy breathing on me was very grim

Scared little boy inside a man

You look like a woman beater in that vest who drives a van

Handsome nobody , empty , boring and sauce-less

Played two bitter nobodies it’s time for me to get dress


Image result for two men

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