No you are not used up and thrown away

There comes a moment in your life you felt used and thrown away. It could be from a job , relationship , community and more. This has come to you with a surprise , you have to quickly adapt , you become isolated and down. It isn’t a nice feeling when you gave your soul , passion , energy and time just to be thrown away or replaced. This could be a hobby , career or personal. You done things you don’t have to do , you gave back , you are a nice person to be around and you gave people so many chances.


You have experience , life lessons and a time to reflect. If you faced rejection and you felt like you wasted your time just know it’s not a wasted time. You learnt a lot , you done things you have not done and you can know what not to do next time. You can reflect on what you actually needed for example if you had a old job you could look back and realize you needed to go gym & church because  of how hard work was. You realize all you was doing was going to work , being drained and felt stuck because you felt something was missing. Things happen so we can learn to not make work our identity , not let a man over step your boundaries , saying yes too many times instead of no , not letting go of the past and not hold resentment.


You took risks , gave your best , try things out and you should not be ridiculed for it . Being curious , open minded and optimistic should be a good thing. Don’t hold back because you made a mistake or you got used. We cannot predict the future however we can find healthy coping mechanisms to help us overcome obstacles.


You are whole by yourself and you don’t need validation from anyone else. We outgrow things and people that is totally fine. Sometimes we get left because we finally had a back bone , we finally said no to rubbish , finally do things we actually enjoy or God wants something better for us.

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  • Rejection
  • Bullying
  • Emotional abuse
  • Christianity
  • Outcast
  • Self improvement

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