When they thought you was just an in experienced pretty face



They had to go running :  we can’t control what we face in our lives and the trials we go through but it was definitely needed for you to be more aware of bigger issues. Praise God no matter what because if certain things didn’t happen you wouldn’t be knowledgeable.

horrified boy meets world GIF


You exposed them now they have to hide :  Being manipulated , trauma bonded and emotionally abused can blur your vision. They thought they got you were you wanted but God was by your side giving all the answers you need.

david bowie mask GIF


God was guiding you through spirit :  We can be the most vulnerable , innocent and inexperienced but God can guide you through. You can tell when someone is trying to use you , steal your energy and soul.


happy thank you jesus GIF


Self confidence & love built your self esteem so you saw right through them  :

well done keep praying , reading , working out and seek your purpose. You are on the right track now it’s time to soul search , grow and glow.

naomi campbell model GIF

  • Social exclusion
  • Emotional abuse
  • outcast
  • mental health
  • spirtiual
  • Bullying
  • rejection

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