Ways I know that I don’t care about popularity


1. I am an INFJ /INFP it’s a rare personality to have so i don’t have to be frustrated when i’m misunderstood and don’t fit in. ( Take a personality test and learn more about yourself it really helps) When i found out it was like i saw the light and now everything makes sense.
2. I was going to make a change and i didn’t care if no one approves of it. You get people who turn a blind eye , say yes to everything to stay safe and seen with me i didn’t care i just went for it. I want to create unique stuff , make a change and do the UN ordinary i don’t care if it hasn’t been done.
3. Parties is not on my priory list and not a need. I’m not outgoing and refuse to be ridiculed. I love being alone at home and in my space. I still get paid while i sleep and that’s my dream. I don’t care about cliques , gangs or circles being myself while i get paid means success to me.
4. I don’t post things just for approval , i don’t try be like everyone else and stay in the box. I know others won’t like or approve of it i will still post it. Everyone poses the same , i like their pics and they don’t like mine but it doesn’t bother me.
5. I’m a christian so i fully understand that i won’t be like the world and act like them. I love my spiritual journey , praying and going to church so i am not bothered. I was raised in the church so i know that there were times when i felt like i didn’t fit in so  i know now i can be more confident.
6. I’m an old soul , so i won’t be into everything these young people are into and i won’t be ridiculed into doing it. I do what i love and i’m at peace it doesn’t matter what they think.
7. Being myself has got some great opportunities so i don’t  feel the need to be someone i’m not. People admire me for not trying to blend in and do my thing. I will continue to be myself even when people try copy me.
8. I’m at peace and i’m happy. I think i would be unhappy , stuck and miserable if i was trying to hold an image. It’s draining trying to fit in , dealing with drama and ignorance.
9. My family loves me just as i am and that makes me feel better. They are happy for the jobs are do , the career i chose and my hobbies.
10. i’m confident , i study , read and explore i know who i am.
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