Leave the underdogs alone…

 It’s not OK to bully and ridicule the underdog because of your own insecurities and issues doesn’t make it OK.  
 Constantly ignoring , wasting time & treating someone bad because they are upcoming does it make it OK.      
Your Brand is falling off and it’s more asses sable now you now feel invisible you want to pick on others to make yourself feel better. Social media gets to your head and you become this diva no one wants to deal with, humble yourself and realize we are all equal You are just a coward , insecure and shallow person.
Picking on the underdog shows you are insecure and jealous of potential. That victim doesn’t need tearing down while trying to reach to the top and doing the UN ordinary.
You couldn’t help it you had to show your ignorance , shallowness and insecurity.  I hope anyone that are silently fighting battles ,  being overlooked and ridiculed that it’s OK don’t respond to their energy and react. Pray , focus on your path , drink water , exercise , have fun for no reason and be creative in your own lane.


  • Social exclusion
  • Bullying
  • low self esteem
  • Mental health
  • self love
  • self care
  • body image
  • colourism
  • modelling

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