Fitness made easy

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Sometimes we like to over complicate things when it comes to fitness .
” i just need a quiet house”
” i just need to watch this first”
” i need to get changed first”
” i’m not a pro”
” i don’t have a work out plan “
Lets make fitness easy by doing these simple things
  • Dance fitness
  • long walks
  • workouts
  1. it Counts  : 30 squats , 10 squats don’t feel you need to do 100 squats in order to feel great you have to start somewhere. That goes for star jumps , sit ups and arm workouts.
  2.  do it in whatever you  are in night wear , onesie , underwear or whatever if you start now it will motivate you to buy or put gym wear on.
  3. Do it while your watching tv , youtube or while your in a noisy setting sometimes you say when you get a quiet time to yourself you can work out but you can start now in anytime.
  4. Freestyle dance dance for 30 or 10 minutes that is good exercise
  5. Go for a long walk or a short one it’s better than nothing.

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