2020 here we come…10 things could make it great

1. More of being yourself

Do things you actually enjoy doing and not what others expect of you. Not following what society tells you or what your friends are doing.  For example you embrace having old soul , staying home most weekends instead of outside and prioritising saving up. You no longer seek validation and acceptance. You don’t care about being popular anymore and feeling like a robot to trends.

2. Strong boundaries and standards

You refuse to be broken down and misguided you stand your ground. You rather be alone and in peace than be around drama and chaos. You deserve alone time , you deserve hobbies and your allowed to say no.

3. Better health 

You take time to exercise it doesn’t have to be squats and crunches or any other trendy workouts you can dance , go for a walk and an active activity. Drink water more often , affirmations and keep a good routine.

4. Be more stronger in faith 

Go to church more often , meditate daily , worship more and make God your first priority. Read bible scriptures , quotes and christian blogs. 

5.  Take risks 

whether it’s a job , date or career it’s healthy to take risks and give it a chance.

6. Do what makes you feel happy

Music , going gym , looking at memes , reading blogs or anything that makes you happy do more of that.

7. Have goals 

Write down your short term goals , long term goals and work on them. It doesn’t have to be massive or unrealistic. It’s good to have goals you can focus on and get you up in the morning.

8. Know when to have limits 

Too much social media is not healthy sometimes , spying , scanning and having a need to keep looking can sometimes be too much. Know when to stop and have a detox. 

9. Stop with the comparisons and envy.

Love your own personal journey , educate , love , cherish and help others that way you will see what you actually like and become more of yourself you won’t need to compare. 

10. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t try be perfect

You don’t need to be frustrated at yourself for mistakes , you are still human and you are truly amazing.


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