They don’t get it

C94B8330-7661-4996-963C-BA078EEDCC5A.jpegThey don’t get you at all do they the constant mocking , the ridiculing , the exclusion got you second guessing your greatness       Being unique shouldn’t be a curse or crime being different should empower you they shouldn’t want to dim your light , put you away and push you down , they should encourage it , I think you should embrace it from now on don’t ever try repaint your art , You are perfect and you shouldn’t have to change yourself their jealousy shouldn’t be a problem , their ignorance shouldn’t be the reason you can’t succeed your goals are valid , your story is valid , who needs popularity when your purpose is fulfilled and it gets you up in the morning . Your powerful more than you know ,  continue to grow , continue having a voice , not responding to those who are committed to misunderstand you , the gas lighters who loved to drive you crazy. Your smile , your standards and boundaries scares them & frustrates them , they can’t believe how much you have grown , the lord keeps you full and safe and you continue to be to guided

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