I’m gone

Encourage , help and do my best then i’m gone

Face the criticisms , the trolls & other opinions then I’m gone

Set my new standards , boundaries embrace the mistakes then I’m gone

Network , have fun and be a great help then i’m gone

Sacrifice  , help the underdog , take risks get blacklisted then I’m gone

See that they copied me , accept the frustration then take it as a compliment then I’m gone

Serve customers , do the daily tasks , then I’m gone

When they say ” it’s a wrap” I’m gone

When they say no ” I’m gone”

When they replace me , give me evil looks , mistreat me I’m gone

When they ask if i can go home with them i say no then I’m gone

When i don’t fit in , feel socially excluded , looked down upon I’m gone



Be gone , Be at peace life is peaceful that way


Image result for walk away footsteps

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