What you need to get clear about before 2020 …

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1. your not a savage for manipulating people and  using people. It’s a disgusting flaw , it’s very coward and having to cheat your way to someone is not something to be proud about. Being alright with being a user , ignorant and toxic is something you need to pray to God about. It’s never too late to change , please don’t  go around trying to change people , they have to change themselves and actually want to be better.


2.  Cultural appropriation , stealing and copying ideas is not flattering and it ruins it for the others. Doing stuff just for clout and trends if you don’t care in your everyday life and your not passionate it’s cringing watching people pretend because they are so desperate for clout , money and approval. I can’t control what goes on but i will address it , go get your own ideas and go get inspiration be yourself.


3. Acting like colourism is a ugly problem I’ve dated rappers , athletes and I get unwanted attention so that needs to stop. Colourism is a lot more than wanting a man’s approval. It affects families , work , self esteem and society there is a lot more to it do your research.


4.  The cattiness… they feel there can only be one successful black woman in the industry so they criticize my work to death dismiss my experience downplay my skin tone and the whole all lives matter nonsense has to stop. Dying for me to fail you make it difficult for me so I can fail you tell others businesses it’s OK just bring any client but with me I have to bring two selected named clients within Two days and they both must be fully available even though they might have other commitments just don’t contact me if you are going to shady just leave it.


5. Don’t expect results and don’t take out your frustrations on me if you don’t put in effort if you are unreliable and don’t put my company email in your bio it doesn’t make sense we live in a social media influencer society everyone focus is on YouTube , followers and then be upset if your not getting bookings from my brand. All your focus on is your own brand and i do tag clients on social media they can easily contact you from page but won’t give me the credit.


6. Don’t take out your identity issues on me and your need for white approval and money we are all black isn’t going to silence my take on colourism . There are jealous , bitter and shallow dark skin woman who are bullies and wrong but plastering it on blogs is not going to stop my movement and make the rest of  us seem like that i’m not any of those things i’m a confident , compassionate and purposeful dark skin woman who look on solutions and to empowers others.


7. Having high standards , being confident , having boundaries , being feminine and being empathetic doesn’t mean being egotistic , intimidating , being venerable and shy. It also doesn’t mean being a door mat and a people pleaser. It doesn’t mean being a spoilt brat either.


8. A need for approval you can’t please everyone there will be a dark skin girl who thinks you aren’t that dark , there is going to men who only want light skin woman there are going to be dark skin girls who thank you. There are going to be people who only views dark skin woman as loud when your far from it. Some people will always commit to misunderstanding you.


9.  You can let go of toxic friends it doesn’t matter how long you known them for and it’s also good to have boundaries. Wasting your energy on toxic people , more silence , less emotion and more laughing as you walk away. Be yourself it doesn’t matter if you don’t see others doing what you want to do just do it. Ignore the critics , the judgmental opinions and the trolls they are not worth your time. More laughter and peace do more what makes you feel at peace and what gives you laughter.


10.  Listen to more positive affirmations , watch more motivational videos and practice more mindfulness and prayer it makes your day feel better and fresher. Ignore the rude comments and shallow put downs it’s obvious they are small minded and ignorant. Letting go of things we have no control of and putting yourself first regardless. You have to have the “could of been worst mentality”.



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