Their envy , toxicity can ruin your life if you let it some can’t stand you but love to use you ..break free now

This can be friendship wise , career wise , dating wise and it’s nothing to do with what you done. They see this glow about you they can’t stand and hate that you have it. Your unique , compassionate , optimistic , successful and happy they want that to. When your spiritual , positive and curious they can’t bare it. You’re  emphatic , you know who you are and embrace imperfections. You don’t go around thinking you are better than everyone else and you are truly kind. You love to take risks , you are full of hope and you don’t want to have regrets in the future. You are different and you don’t feel embarrassed about it. You been through a lot but you never take it out on others and you know how to bounce back.

There will be people who want to challenge you and not in a good way. They have to put on a mask , be an actor because their true selves will run you away. You are authentic and yourself that makes them jealous. When your around them when the masks falls off you feel drained , sucked out and  afraid. You never see it coming and now you feel you like you are walking on eggshells. You ask for small favors and they refused however they ask for massive favors and expect you to give it to them. They are truly selfish , entitled , toxic and narcissistic. You leave their presence and you leave feeling degraded , like your soul has been sucked out and so alone. You wonder why you feel nauseous , sick and unwell when you see their notification. You feel like you are losing yourself a little more and you feel so isolated from this world. You start to wonder why do i deserve this ? what did i do ? you think to yourself you might as well leave this world. They think you are naive , inexperienced , dumb and vulnerable so they take the mask off a lot sooner. They underestimated you and thought you be their puppet for life. You can sense something in your spirit , gut and mind that something is wrong. You never be in this experience before but God is warning you in spirit.

It’s not your fault , you are still valuable and worthy. It’s going to take some time to heal but it’s not the end of the world. This had made you stronger , wiser and you learn a lot more about yourself. Cry to God if you need to , go to a new church , go see a new place and re invent yourself. Explore a new hobby or go back to one you loved as a kid. It’s not the end , create goals for yourself , do what you love and not what others love. Read self help books , read the bible , go therapy and watch you tube videos that can help you. Reflect back to what you can do next time , have more boundaries and standards next time. Heal those childhood wounds and unlearn the toxic traits of people pleasing. Do affirmations , journal , work out and love yourself. Forgive yourself and have more compassion your life and skin will become more clearer.  You need to give a long paragraph to them , revenge or a reaction. They need drama for fuel don’t give it to them and i know it’s painful now but going no contact will be the best thing you ever do. Your not a failure you can now shift your direction , see red flags and see more clearly of what you do want. If you can’t detach physically do it emotionally. Put all your energy on God , on yourself and goals.

For any mentor-ship /coaching inquiries contact via email available for all genders , races

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