You could have great business skills , give out freebies , have purpose & still not get the results .. that is OK though let me tell you why (cmm blog)

Overnight success is not easy as it seems and trends come & go. When you start to realize some people haven’t even tried as hard as you still get results that’s when freedom comes. They are lucky , know a friend that got them through the door , then you are on social media being upset & wondering why she made it & you haven’t. Maybe if you looked inside yourself maybe you would know you wouldn’t be able to handle it. God doesn’t give you certain things you cannot handle.

Once you get it you might realize you don’t even want it and wonder why you wasted your time over this goal and then you can focus on what you really want. Do you really want to be popular or you want purpose. Do you want to be the center of the attention all the time or help others. what empowers you ?, want makes you feel good ? once you know that you won’t have to worry about others. There are people who will turn a blind eye on your achievements , belittle them, play it down , critics and doubters. Old formulas are not going to work in today’s society and it’s your job to be alert to that.

Your business card is cute , your blazer looks good and your smile lights up a room but you are faced with colourism , racism , sexism and more.  People give you evil looks , men want to sleep with you as an  exchange  to success , darker skin woman downplay your experience say are not that dark because they see you as competition , light skin woman also face racism , sexism & tokenism  but not colourism some have identity issues and worried that colourism means they might not get the success they want so they rather silence a dark woman experience by saying we are all black for white approval.

Then you have the saviors for dark skin woman the light skin woman  , non black woman , men directors , agents , brands who can easily find a dark skin woman because of a trend they have colourists clients but now may must dust a few a dark skin woman off from 2011 who are now ready to be used because of this so called trend.

People still your ideas , the ones with huge followings , cultural appropriation , past clients who can’t see past your growth and the haters.

That doesn’t make you a bad person , it means you are brave , different , creative and you are still worth it. Some people are focused on their own projects and unreliable for when you need them that doesn’t mean your whole brand should stop.

We can’t control them , we can force them to support us , we can’t over explain to we are blue in the face even if the colour does not show lol , we can’t allow social media , trolls and society stop we are doing.

Focus on God , go to church if you can , pray , meditate , do your affirmations type  in positive affirmations ,  motivational videos on youtube , Go spend time with your family and go out to eat , shop , read , dance , listen to music do what makes you happy and stop worrying about the future. When the fans turn into haters , when your body is no longer a size 8 , when your no longer in relationship , when your friend gets married , when you finish uni what then ? just think about it make sure you take risks , do things you want and pray so you can be fulfilled no matter how life goes.


Need a mentor/ coach to guide you through understanding social media , modelling / entertainment industry how to become a model/actress/influencer  or feel down , mistreated or troubled with low self esteem / lack of direction or purpose  we have a coaching/mentor ship program.

email : for details.


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