2019 … what you can still do before it ends

Be grateful for the good parts and to remain humble regarding it not being as great as you expected it to.

You can still try that new work out plan you have been wanting to try.

You can cut off that toxic friend , love interest or family member you have wanting to cut off

You can still try join a new church , social club or activity you wanted to join

If that’s impossible you can set new boundaries and to detach yourself if you need to

You can give social media a rest and come off your phone & go for walks.

You can sign up for that gym membership you have been wanting to join.

You can also list your achievements no matter how small.

You can still pat yourself on the back for being so brave , taking risks and doing new things.

If you been heartbroken , failed and been rejected at least you gave it a try. It’s strong to be a goal getter , to be vulnerable and to be curious. At least you don’t have to wonder anymore , the not knowing is gone out of the window and now you are stronger & wiser. You are more of yourself than ever and you now know what you tolerate and what you do.

The more risks you take , the more you learn about yourself and the more patient you will be.

Life is not about ticking all the boxes , getting everyone approval , controlling everything and getting everything we ask for. It’s about being ourselves , being ok with being different and letting God deal with the outcome.

Freedom is be willing to be happy , to be at  peace and to lose everything like your status , job , friends and so on but still have your soul and well being.

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