You got this..

Look at you fighting battles nobody can see i’m very proud of you



Woow i know you are going through stuff that no one can relate to but you can vent to God



I know suicidal thoughts can return in your mind tomorrow will be better even if not time is a healer this won’t last



Sometimes it all goes breaking down so you can be put back together stronger & be more of yourself



Do things you are passionate about even if others don’t get it , even if it’s just an hour or 5 mins.



Exercise ,write , pray , meditate & leave your phone alone for a while



You took that risk and went for it i’m proud of you



your different and your now embracing it well done



You don’t mind that lifestyle doesn’t fit with others



You don’t try fit in for fame , opportunities , validation and friendship you have come a long way



You had a long journey trying to figure out who you are



You know what you love , what you can tolerate and what you can’t

You got this

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