It’s just a casting …. (CMM blog)

“business nothing personal”

“they don’t know your story”

“just a job”

“get your approval from God”

“seek validation from God not directors”

” have passions on the side”

” you got studying to do”

” pray & leave it”


” write poems”

“don’t overthink it”

“If it’s out of your control don’t worry”

” let go of the knowing”

” just routine”

” i’m much more than this”

” redirection not rejection”

” at least i had the guts to put myself forward”

” inhale , exhale”

” Next”!

” let’s try something else”

” thank you for letting me know about this”

” good luck to anyone else”

” inspired whoever gets the job i won’t be jealous”

” what’s for me won’t miss me”

” they probably gave the job to their mate”

” they are probably asking to sleep with girl to give her the opportunity”

” they want you to beg friend with them to get the job anyway”

” they are going on social media sliding in dms offering the opportunity”

” they want an ego boast that someone is interested in taken part because they got confident issues”

” a time waster”

” testing my patience and my skin is thicker”



just a few reactions that is healthy for you …..

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