why it all stopped


When you find your purpose , voice and do something out of the ordinary you get different reactions.
  • Cheers
  • articles
  • interviews
  • critics
  • Silencing your experiences
  • jealousy
  • cyber bullying
  • hating what they don’t understand
  • feel powerless
  • when you take back your power it frustrates some
  • Jealously
  • envy
  • confusion
  • discomfort
  • wondering if there is a hidden agenda
  • labelled as bitter
It’s not easy making a change , growth , having a purpose and standing up to what is right. It’s big sacrifice i decided to make to be mistreated for a reaction , to be black listed and overlooked. At first i felt uncomfortable , angry and regretful. After a while i realized outgrown this and i didn’t want it anymore. I want to be myself , at least i’m being real and authentic. I want people to work with the real me the different , introverted , awkward me and don’t want to change myself just to fit in.
I don’t want to be put in a box with a label , i want to explore with different ideas and be open minded. Don’t let ignorance , hate and jealousy bring you down.

Why it all stopped well ……….

  • Fashion is strict with weight , age and height
  • Uk music and film scene is a lot more popular and in demand
  • I’m getting older and wiser
  • I tolerate being exploited
  • I made a lot of people angry because of what i stand for
  • Sexism
  • racism
  • cliques i’m laid back , quiet and different i’m never going to pretend to be something i’m not.
  • colourism
  • instagram.  the more likes the more bookings before Instagram it was easier all you needed was a portfolio and submit.
  • outgrowth
  • too picky
  • high standards
  • too competitive
  • Busy
  • tokenism


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