Don’t let them define you

a poet


you post a swimwear picture … they automatically call you a Jezebel & that you want to seduce men . Love your body either it’s a fitness journey ,  self loving journey or a beach pic



you love music … they assume you want to get drunk and crazy in the club every weekend and be a drug addict …love the music choose the ones that make you feel good , whether it’s chilling , cooking dancing in your room whatever you want …



they think because your in the fashion , music & entertainment your have no love for God and you strayed away from God …. read the Hollywood commandments by Devon franklin for inspiration… enjoy that book , movie , music , career just put him first don’t let them define you go to church there is nothing to be ashamed of you don’t enjoy the club every weekend, you are not into the weekly gossip , you don’t like being alone without gods presence you need your spirit full filled.

Hearing stuff about you can hurt , rejection , isolation and criticisms don’t feel good. It could cloud your judgement about yourself , it can make you try be like others , it can hold you back for life and shrink you. You try be like how they describe you and live a miserable life. No one likes being judged , look down upon and mistreated.


never let them keep you away from God give him all your heart , mind and soul God will take care with the rest  and you be whole. You don’t need a fan base , approval or yes from them give God all your focus and never let them define you God has the final say.

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