Social anxiety and shyness in fashion and entertainment: choco media Blog

    Being a beautiful actress , model or performer some people think they are overly confident , social and have their life all together. This creates jealously , intimidation , anger and light bullying. Some people who are jealous try ways to humble the model by putting them in awkward situations , ignoring them , not using them on set , putting her in awkward situations & by shouting at them. Learn to stand up for yourself , have boundaries and know what you stand for .people that struggle with social anxiety might forget they are here for professional reason and start to overthink and get personal . Just remember you are here for a professional booking and the industry is cut throat sometimes we might overthink and be angry with the producer/director but it’s not up to him/her most of the time it’s the mainstream media beauty standards he/her have been told to follow and to not take things personal . It’s a job nothing more nothing less have outside hobbies , love your family and friends. It’s important not to take things personal and listen to affirmations if you need to , journal , read , draw , work out , talk to a friend , treat yourself & go counselling. : here are some of the feelings and assumptions that goes on in the mind “they think my body is too fat “• “they think I’m a groupie ” • “they are all looking at me in disgust” • “they are gonna swap me with someone hotter” • “on camera I probably look a mess” • “do other models think I don’t belong here I’m not as pretty as them ” • “they are all looking at my pics I sent them in disgust why did I send them” • “I’m going to get kicked off the agency” • “can’t wait to leave the shoot so I can be at peace without being judged “• “if I smile too much there gonna think I’m a groupie and desperate “• “if I frown too much they are gonna think I’m a angry bitter black girl who’s mad at the world” • these are some of the assumptions made . There will be a part 2 this is a small introduction so look out for the next post !

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